About Me

About Me


This is more than a mission statement.

This is from my heart, this is a dedication

to the holistic lifestyle I truly love and

believe in.


With light and gratitude,


Mission Statement


My mission is to care for, empower and inspire individuals, families, my community and the world with my personal experiences and holisitc philophies. Welcoming and growing in love through our connections on this journey of healing and

vibrant living.

Rev. Tanya Hedley

Licenced Ordained Minister In Ontario


                                                                                                    Core Values


                                                                                          Inspiration from Spirit


                                                                                          Passion with Purpose


                                                                                             Integrity with Love


                                                                                         Service with Gratitude


         My Metaphysical & Holistic Health practice examines the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, bio-energetic and socio-cultural dimensions of all individuals I serve, treating the entire person. I am a Metaphysical Minister,  Holistic well-being/addiction Coach, and Wellness Practitioner with over 19 years experience in helping others use tools to help bring harmony and balance to their life.  I have enjoyed guiding you and being right by your side through many of life changes.  Having been an addiction counsellor and trauma work specialist for many years as well as a keynote speaker in the holistic well-being world, officiating group events as well as leading workshops over many years I believe I can bring love light and laughter through your life changes and your world one step at a time, one tool at a time, with compassion, light and enthusiasm.  Below are some of the courses I have taken in University and College that will help you, your family or group heal all aspects and bring you together in love inside your world.. My goal is to guide you in learning to truly self care and transform your body, mind, spirit and world through whatever life brings.  Namaste.

Body Courses


Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

Natural Nutrition and Nutritional Symptomatology




Homeopathy Basics


Bach Flower Remedies



Lymph Drainage

Indian Head

Hot Stone Massage

Mind Courses

Life Coaching


Medical Intuition

Addiction Studies


Being Human: Path of Emotional Healing

Chakra Studies

Affirmations and Cognitive Thought

Ethics and Business Management

Trauma Training

Domestic Violence

Sexual Assault Training

Grief/Hospice Training

.Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction​

Spirit Courses

Guided Imagery

Subtle Aromatherapy

Prayer Work


Vibrational Arts

Holographic Release

Reiki I, II, Master

Colour Therapy



Gifts of Spirit - Intuitive Arts

 The Course in Miracles

Ordained Minister