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How often have you said the words I will start tomorrow or Monday. How about after exams, or once this work project finishes,  or when I have more time after the childrens or our home schedules clear. Are you conscious that your body is unhealthy to begin with? Too often it takes a health scare, dis-ease or exhaustion to finally make you take notice, and even then it's hard to find the willingness to change. 


Our bodies tell many stories.  Years of what we ingest into our human frames shows up in the subtle messages we recieve physically and mentally, yet sometimes ignore. I personally have struggled through many years of ignoring my body's messages and have not been conscious of what I was putting into my body.  Perhaps like me you have noticed this over the years and are ready to do something to change.  Do you do little or no exercise or the other extreme? How about excessive exercise and/or only one type?  Do you restrict, obsess, binge, purge? Have you tried every diet, supplement, self help book or fad over the years?  Does your body ingest too much sugar, wheat, tobacco, caffeine, toxic chemicals, alcohol or drugs? Society may see people who exercise and are physically fit as healthy, but that is only one part of total well-being. You can still be thin and unhealthy, especially mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Physical illness can still show up in the person who seems to be Mister or Miss Fit. How about the unhealthy thoughts, emotions and behaviors that your body ingests on a daily basis either from yourself or the people around you? My passion is discovering and healing the toxic thoughts and emotions that manifest in our bodies and then turn into illness and dis-eases. I believe that our thoughts, emotions and behaviors create and manifest either a healthy self or an unhealthy self. As one of my favourite mentors, Louise Hay, describes, "ill health and dis-ease is a way for our bodies to talk to us and share something we need to hear, if only we would listen to it." Are you ready to listen?Tuning in instead of tuning out is not always easy but I believe you can heal your life with some willingness, honesty and openness to change. I have the tools, resources and experience that can help you identify in which parts of your health you could use some guidance, healing and clarity. My journey to body, mind and spirit self-care and total well-be-ing started back in my twenties when everything that went into my body was unhealthy. I ingested toxic food, alcohol, drugs, and aplethora of toxic thoughts, beliefs, and actions. I had unhealthy relationships, work environments, and personal interactions. Twenty years later, and after continuous work on layers and layers of feelings and , after lots of cleaning and clearing, I am now experiencing a sense of calm and serenity from many of those behaviors and actions. Negative thoughts may arise still on occasion, yet I now have many tools to change those negative thoughts to new thoughts, actions and behaviors that allow me regain that beautiful sense of calm. I was headed down the road towards dis-ease and illness, it was totally unmanageable- mentally, emotionally and physically. I am so grateful for the many paths that lead me to this change. Allow me to share with you the insights and tools I was shown and learned on my path.How do you start taking care of yourself after years of ignoring your own health and well-be-ing? The answer is simple: the core fundamentals of complete and total body health start with diet, nutrition, physical health (including exercise) and other outside areas. Taking care of our bodies physically and in all-ways is a huge step, but the best part is we get to heal and change those toxic thoughts, beliefs and attitudes at the same time.There are many health experts who can help you on this journey toward well-be-ing. I am one of them and can help you to get on track through your willingness to renew your life and body. I can coach you through your blocks and raise awareness of your dis-ease to find a place of calm and reasurance. Your body has the capacity to heal from many ailments you really can heal your life in all-ways. The journey of a hundred miles really does begin with the first step. You do not need to see the whole staircase to begin.

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