.Self-care and the Mind takes time, courage and commitment. Our minds can become very overactive with life, technology, busy schedules, and family time. Our own overactive minds are filled with negative self-talk, drowning out the good thoughts and leaving us feeling overwhelmed, sad, confused and obsessed.It has taken me many years to slow the mental chatter down. To go examine past thoughts, feelings and trauma. To look at the learned judgements and feel them now as discernment. To have little to no expectations. To honestly get in touch with the depression, hurts, anger and resentments to uncover the fears that lay at the bottom and have driven a lot of my actions and behaviors. To feel safe enough to let my guard down and actually feel the full range of human emotions. To learn to integrate my soul with my ego and allow them both to share this beautiful life journey. To believe in myself and learn boundaries, confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. Whatever hides in the dark is directing your life whether you like it or not. Bringing the dark to the light takes courage, strength and faith that you will come out the other side happier and more fulfilled. Our minds are constantly thinking and many of those thoughts are negative. There are ways to quiet the mind and turn that dark chatter to light.I have come out on the other side of fear many times and found that it wasn’t always pain free but it was always one hundred percent worth it. Constant and continuous use of proven tools can guide your mind to clear and ultimatelychange.


You can open your mind to new avenues of thoughts, behaviors and actions that are blocking you from expanding and integrating your own consciousness with your personality. I have found many body, mind and spirit therapy tools, counselling skills, meditations and positive affirmations that can help you heal, still and expand your mind towards total health and well-be-ing.


I hope to guide you to finding your own path through all the resources out there so you can continue heal your mind. Through education, practice and stillness you will find your mind becoming healthier and more balanced. Truth be told, our minds and thoughts really do create our reality.

Coaching the Mind for:


Negative Thought/Beliefs Patterns


Accountability Affirmation Work


Feeling/Thought Awareness Work


Education Coaching


Addictive Thoughts/Behaviors


Work Project Coaching


Career Coaching