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What is Holistic Health and why is it so important! Did you know your Body, Your Mind and your Spirit are all connected! During this very stressful time taking care of all areas of yourself have never been more important. Working with the body for over 20 years, and finding the connection to the mental and emotional within our cells has always been my fascination. I am an Minister and Coach who has worked in the Addiction and mental health field for many years and know the power of healing the physical body through our thoughts and feelings. Join me for individual sessions where we can talk to your body and find out where you need to rest and renew. For the mind I am offering many workshops this fall and winter! Weekly classes are offered right now online via zoom. The summer offers us a beautiful beach to sit together in, I look forward to the return of spring/summer. Until then I have courses and classes like The Artist Way, A beginners guide to the Chakras, A beginners and intermediate class for Meditation. Hibernate with me and break out of your cocoon. Your spirit is waiting to be free and to fly again! Contact me if you have any questions or are interested in joining me this fall and winter!

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