I believe we are spiritual be-ings having an earthly experience and we need to re-connect and re-member this. Healthy self-care in your spiritual life shows up in your relationship with yourself, other people, and your connection to a higher source, be it internal, external as in a God, a universal energy or nature. Finding yourself alone, isolated or unbalanced is part of getting lost and away from this magical world of the spirit where we can fully trust that everything is flowing and working for the best possible outcome. Part of spiritual self-care is understanding that right action is always taking place.


The world now seems to be more connected at all times because of technology, yet even with this we still seem to live in a realm of secrecy, isolation and shame. We are actually hiding behind technology, rather than it bringing people closer together. Real relationships, true intimacy and honesty in who you are and how you are feeling sometimes get lost in translation or stuck behind the many masks we wear in real life or behind the safe wall that a computer, phone, or iPad creates. True intimacy is a feeling we all long for—that sense you can look another directly in the eye with total acceptance, love and compassion. Where a hug or a hand is worth more than anything money could buy. True intimacy with our friends, family, partners and even trust in a higher source is something that takes time to cultivate and is not instant.


My path to spiritual healing began in my twenties. After years of wanting to believe, I finally had a moment which opened my eyes to this spirit world. Since then, my journey has been up and down and constantly evolving and

deepening. I have always yearned for a connection with a another power and to find a real freedom to be me, all of me. When growing up, I had learned to have people as that power and for years did not understand that I was actually giving away my own power and my own life.


I suffered from physical and mental abuse while growing up. I was filled with fear, and shown judgement, control and shame. I grew up unable to share and express my feelings in a safe way or with safe people. I finally healed and learned that this was no one’s fault, that people who hurt people are hurt and learned it just as I did.  Now, years later, I have only compassion, empathy and forgiveness for my past and the people who hurt. I knew I was finally healing from this when I could let go and finally get out of "the victimhood" in my life and take responsibility for the direction and health of my life and my relationships. I always longed for and wanted closeness, connectedness, compassion, empathy and life with caring people that I could share everything with and who would love me unconditionally. It has taken me years of working through these walls and blocks that had manifested again and again in all my relationships to a place of peace. To trust and feel safe to share that connection with others and that higher power is possible. This intimacy is continually growing in my spiritual connections with this power and as long as I am here I will continue this growing and changing on my path.


Is it time for you to connect and come out of the dark and be as open as you have always dreamed of being? My hope is to help guide you through the transition to becoming an excited, loved and safe human spirit in this world again. There are many ways to reconnect with a source higher inside yourself. I can help you to find that path that is filled with trust, love, hope, faith and guidance.

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