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The word Metaphysics comes from Ancient Greece, where it was a combination of two words – Meta, meaning over and beyond – and physics. In today’s world, the word metaphysics has become a description of many fields of interest.

Metaphysical organizations and teachers like myself range in practice from ministers, yogis, mystics,  positive thinking teachers, meditation teachers, spiritual  and holistic health practitioners, self-help teachers, counselors, coaches, and more all under the label of metaphysics.  The basic thing they all have in common is the search for truth, purpose and meaning in life, which cannot be isolated from basic spiritual questions.

In a more total sense, we like to think of metaphysics as dealing with the basic questions of life, such as the relationship of man, mind, and the Universe, which leads to answers to the age-old questions of anyone who has truly paused to reflect on life by asking the most fundamental questions of all – “who am I; what am I; where have I been, and where am I going?” This is my belief and I hope I can bridge any gap between each of us as humans and with our own belief system intact, so that I may help guide you through all of life changes with love, light and compassion. Allow me to serve you with my core values of Inspiration from Spirit, Passion with Purpose, Integrity with Love and Service with Gratitude. Namaste. Rev. Tanya

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All of the excitement and the planning has led to this, the day when you finally exchange your vows in front of family and friends and confirm your commitment to one another.

Described by many as the happiest day of their lives, as a wedding Minister I know I have the best job in the world and I feel very privileged  and blessed to be a part of your special day.

Having a civil ceremony allows you choice as to where to marry. The wonderful Province of Ontario has so many stunning venues to choose from, including many amazing beaches, parks, forests and gardens, as well as rustic barns, historic homesteads, country halls and clubs.


The content and details of your ceremony are entirely up to you. You are not tied to the ‘same size fits all’ type of ceremony conducted by many faith or civil organizations. As your Licenced In Ontario Minister I can help you achieve the ceremony that best reflects you and your wishes. You can compose your own vows, or I can write them for you. You can choose readings, poems and  music, which may be traditional or more alternative. You may or may not cho ose  to include  a sp iritual or symbolic element  such as Hand fasting or the lighting of a Unity candle to your ceremony. It will be your ceremony and unique to you. I can perform any denomination or  same sex union marriages as well. 


The location of your venue will dictate the choreography of the ceremony, particularly if you choose to hold your ceremony outside. It is essential to have a rainy day alternative and extremely important to hold a rehearsal at the venue a day or so before.


In terms of choreography, you may want your guests and wedding party to enter to different pieces of music and from different parts of the venue. You may have your guests seated or standing. You may want the ‘groom’s’ family on the right and the ‘bride’s’ on the left following tradition or you may wish a different arrangement.


As your Minister I will use the information you share with me to create a ceremony with an order of service that reflects your wishes and tells your personal love story.


Pre-Marital Coaching is also Available

    Celebration of Life

A celebration of Life should provide a safe place for family and friends of the deceased to gather to share their grief and sense of loss. A place where they can cry or smile as they share memories and celebrate a life.

I am an Ordained Minister in Canada and I can bring whichever your choice in ceremony from spiritual to religious.  You may well have been directed to this website by your Funeral Director.

As your minister I will help you to create a ceremony that truly reflects your

wishes and celebrates the life of the person who has departed. I will respectfully listen to you and create a ceremony that could incorporate faith or non religious readings and music. A ceremony that is true to your loved one’s culture and heritage.

Often people coping with bereavement believe that the service has to be conducted by a Member of the Clergy or a Humanist officiant. But many of us don’t fit entirely into either of those belief systems. Many may have attended church growing up and may still want an element of spirituality. Many may not be comfortable with either religious or more atheist dogma. As your minister, I will help you to create a ceremony that captures the essence of the person who has passed away, that celebrates all aspects of the life lived and tries to help in the healing process of those who are left behind.

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       Name Giving

The Naming Ceremony is often a ceremony where a new birth is celebrated and the child is welcomed into the family and community. It is an occasion where parents, grandparents/mentors offer support and recognize responsibilities towards the child. But a Naming Ceremony is not limited to babies. You may wish to wait until your child is older and can participate in the ceremony; or you may want to welcome a step-child or an adopted child.

The structure and content of your ceremony is entirely up to you. It could be simple and brief; it could include readings; it could be spiritual or cultural; it could include family members. The more original material you add, the more personalized a ceremony becomes.

Most ceremonies take place in or around the home; the place where the child feels most nurtured and loved. They are often informal and frequently held on a weekend late morning followed by refreshments or lunch.

As your Minister I will help you to create a ceremony, using the information you share with me, which reflects your beliefs, your ideas and your hopes for your child and provides a memorable welcome into your extended family and support network.

Other Life Ceremonies

As we make our path through life we reach many crossroads and make decisions as to the route we take. As your celebrant, I can help you mark and respect these Rites of Passage.


You may want to mark an Anniversary with a Renewal of your Marriage Vows.


You may want to celebrate a Coming of Age by helping an adolescent acknowledge the changing responsibilities of adulthood.


You may want to hold a Divorce Healing Ceremony to help accept the past and move forward into a new future.


Everyone walks a different path and may have different life events they would want to mark. As your Minister, I can help you to create a ceremony that is unique to you, whatever the occasion.

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