What is a Holistic Health Practitioner?

Holistic Health Practitioners understand that the body, mind and spirit are connected. They share a broad view of health and wellness that address the multidimensionality of human beings. By examining the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, bio-energetic and socio-cultural dimensions of individuals the holistic professional can guide clients towards optimum health and wellness. An unbalanced or un-organized energy flow can manifest itself into physical or mental dis-ease.   Stress is an emotional and physical response to pressures from the outside world.  Depression, anxiety and stress are leading factors in many of our dis-eases. I believe if you can balance your emotional and physical self you can heal your life.


I have knowledge of many alternative therapies and practice many modalities including Reiki, Hotstone/Aromatherapy/Lymph/Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Chakra Balancing. Relaxing the body and mind to create balance inside can be easier than working on only the emotional side. Holistic Health is a great compliment to emotional therapy or counseling programs. Because the bodys memory system of blocked emotion is vast, your healing may be accelerated by using other complimentary therapy in sync with Holistic Health. My talent is providing a specialized healing focus to your health and well-being via the physical/mental body.


Allow me to help guide and empower you to heal your life one step at a time.